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What Is a Smart City?

It is estimated that almost half of India’s population will be living in a city by 2030; contributing to approximately 75% of India’s GDP. The Smart Cities Mission is an innovative initiative by the Government of India to ensure that its citizens receive a better quality of life while simultaneously contributing to the economic growth of the country.

Smart cities are expected to emerge as key technology, economic and social hubs for the country. In order to attract investment, they will be equipped with advanced technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, 24-hour water supply and electricity, world-class water conservation and waste management, proper traffic management and transport management systems, recycling, green technology and Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi networks will primarily be the support structure for smart cities. Service providers like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Facebook are working towards deploying Wi-Fi across smart cities and Google is planning Wi-Fi hotspots across multiple railway stations.

The plan is to have a total of a hundred smart cities built across India over the next five years (2015-2020). The first 20 cities have been approved.


The Role of Babajob – Working With the Smart Cities Mission

Babajob has been connecting jobseekers and employers since 2007 with the aim of impacting lives and improving income levels of jobseekers. Our research has shown that people who found employment through Babajob received an average salary increase of 20%. We also help people find jobs closer to their homes, or at least in a city or location of their choice. As a result, a worker’s commute time decreases by an average of 14 minutes a day.This directly impacts the quality of people’s lives and in some cases even results in a decrease in the cost of their daily commute.

When asked about smart cities, Vir Kashyap, COO of Babajob commented, “We are already leveraging our technology to help jobseekers find jobs either close to their homes, or at least close to public transportation so that they don’t have to spend inordinate amounts of time commuting. We are, in effect, already in-line with the smart city concept—that of using technology efficiently to improve people’s lives.”


How do Smart Cities Affect Job seekers?

For jobseekers, the smart cities initiative is a boon since many millennials migrate from remote and rural areas from across India to urban areas in search of better employment opportunities. People will realise that there is better quality of life in these “smart cities” and will seek them out as a great place to work and live.


How Smart Cities are Beneficial to Employers

Moving to a smart city assures employers access to a steady workforce pool with thousands of potential employees within close proximity. Additionally, employers will be able to count on having basic amenities 24×7 such as water, electricity, sanitation, transportation and most importantly technology and connectivity.


Looking Ahead

In India’s largest cities, about half of the workforce is considered part of the informal economy—activities and income that are partially or fully outside government regulation, taxation, and observation. There is a vast need for proper shelter, basic amenities and services that all citizens should be entitled to. How are we to weave the concerns of these informal workers into India’s national agenda is a key question in this country today. There’s a need to view India’s informal economy as not just providing opportunities for survival but also as dynamic, though unregulated, markets that offer an array of opportunities to create wealth. This need for urbanization over the next decade poses a truly unprecedented challenge. The Smart City Mission is one answer to handling this epic shift in migration and propelling the development of our nation.


Startup India, Stand up India is an initiative by the Government of India to foster entrepreneurship, generate employment, and help India’s economy grow. Each year, Indian startups help generate a large percentage of new jobs throughout the country, and it is these startups that are revolutionizing India and propelling it into the new millennium.

The Plan

The aim of the plan is to develop a system for startups that is not bogged down with red-tape and heavy compliance. The idea is to engage India’s youth, enabling them to actively participate as young entrepreneurs, and empowering them to develop new ideas for the internet, e-commerce, mobile applications and beyond. Startup India, Standup India is an endeavour to assist people starting new business pursuits, especially those that are involved in innovation and plugging social gaps. These start-ups and new innovative business pursuits will directly result in providing additional jobs for people across the country. More jobs equate to more spending power for individuals; which will ultimately lead to the economy’s expansion, and add to India’s growth story.

The long-term vision is that innovations and early stage businesses will sprout up and materialise across the country. The Startup India, Stand up India initiative fosters this growth amongst the next generation by providing various resources. The government is proposing special innovation programmes in schools for youth to develop their ideas and bring them to fruition. There are also plans to have annual startup fests to create world class incubators (these are innovative ideas that are developed into businesses, but not completely developed). The goal of the plan is not to just develop jobs and early stage businesses in Tier I cities, but to have a holistic growth throughout India in all its cities and towns.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “I hope that this startup action plan will give the strength and inspiration to the talented young generation of India to do something new for India and for humanity.” [1]

There are many positive features to the plan. Some of these include tax benefits and write-offs.  Numerous research centres, centres for innovation, startup centres, technology business incubators, research parks and training centres are to be established as part of this initiative. More importantly, regulations will be simplified and funding will be made available for those that are eligible. In-depth information about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s action plan can be seen here.

Generating Employment

Sean Blagsvedt, Co-Founder & CEO,, said: “We are incredibly excited about the Startup India Action Plan announcement which has dozens of policy innovations to foster more creative startups. At, we can’t wait to help connect India’s aspiring millions with jobs at the next generation of startups; I only wish the plan was in place when we started.” [2]                         Sean Blagsvedt

This has indeed come as a boon to many aspiring ideators who have had a tough time executing their ideas. Unlike many others who will take up the initiative to reach out to the masses, is a digital platform that enables young minds, irrespective of class and creed, to find jobs easily. Babajob is the largest marketplace for job creation/employment opportunities that caters to the informal sector and entry-level segment. We are in constant pursuit of employment creation. We understand that development of a nation cannot take place without the progress of its country’s men and women. We recognize and believe in the need for employment as a catalyst for the advancement of our society.




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Gurunanakjayanthi_creative (2)


Guru Nanak’s birthday is celebrated across India and also throughout the world. The event usually falls sometime between October and November, depending on the lunar calendar. Today, we celebrate Guru Nanak’s life and the basic principles that he embodied.

The teachings of Guru Nanak convey:

  1. Be accepting of whatever comes your way.
  2. Believe in helping the needy and those with less.
  3. It is important to have concern for the welfare of humanity as a whole.
  4. Treat all human beings equally.
  5. Do not discriminate.
  6. Share with others.
  7. Cultivate humility.
  8. Earn an honest living.
  9. Don’t be dishonest or fraudulent.
  10. Live your life in service, through work and serving mankind.
  11. Seek knowledge.
  12. Speak the truth, without fear.


Guru Nanak promoted the equality of all human beings, actively fighting for those undeserved and their causes. He also gave particular attention to asserting equal rights for women. He inspired others to be tolerant, act consciously and live virtuously. His teachings are of timeless relevance through which we can all be inspired to work towards a better, just and equal society. Wishes All a Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti!




Who doesn’t love to gorge on a great plate of food or just take a bite of a burger? We all do right? That’s why we are looking for professional chefs either who live in Delhi or are willing to relocate. A cook, or a chef, basically works at a restaurant or a fast food joint. The main job of a cook is to produce fresh, healthy and tasty food to the client. We are looking for chefs and cooks in Delhi who have the passion, skill and drive to be great.

Do you have a Passion and Love for Cooking?

When we speak of passion we mean that we need to love something that we do if not we cannot put our best foot forward. Likewise being a chef or an assistant chef or cook requires that kind of passion too.  If the chef is not passionate about his job and has simply taken it up because he knows how to cook then in all probability he might not be happy doing what he does, so passion is super important if you want to become a chef. This ensures that the people partaking of his dishes will be 100% satisfied customers.

Strong Cooks

Secondly, what we look for in a chef or a cook is the ability to take up the responsibility of being in the kitchen for long hours. A chef who is passionate about his job enjoys what he does best; providing amazing world class dishes to the hungry ones waiting at the table. It’s not easy being a chef, a chef is required to be in a super hot environment where the flames are constantly burning and stand for long hours at a stretch.

To be a Chef or a Cook, Cleanliness and Hygiene is Important.

Okay, now we want chefs and cooks that have a great sense of cleanliness and hygiene. This is actually the most important thing. The cook has to make sure he maintains hygiene in the kitchen and also ensures the other cooks do so too.

So, if you’re having everything it takes to be a great chef or  an cook then please register with us at or give us missed call at 08880004444. Good Luck.


cleaning3 (1)
Thinking about a Cleaning Job?

Terms commonly used: House Maid, House Help, Cleaning Lady (Person), Housekeeping

For people who are good at cleaning there are many types of cleaning jobs – from housework in people’s homes to housekeeping in hotels, with lots of other opportunities in between. For many men and women a cleaning job is a good way to make money. There are many cleaning jobs available in homes, restaurants, office buildings, shops, hotels and public areas (like airports and cinemas). Depending on how many hours you can work, or if you want full-time or part-time employment, live-in accommodation or live-out, all of these factors help decide what type of cleaning job you can do.

Duties of a Cleaner/Maid

Washing vessels/utensils
Cleaning of Bathrooms
Washing Clothes
Childcare (sometimes)
Cooking (sometimes)

Consider  Full-time or Part-time Employment

Some places of employment provide accommodation and food, especially if it is a live-in arrangement or a full-time position. The good thing about a live-in job is that a person does not have too many personal living expenses. Meals and accommodation are provided. There are many employers that require cleaning services only on a part-time basis; especially when it comes to cleaning homes. Part-time work can often give more flexibility and a person can sometimes make good money by working in many more homes. Some cleaning jobs also require cooking or taking care of the children. This however, varies depending on the employer.
Cleaning requires hard, physical work, and being on your feet for long periods. Good hygiene and cleanliness is highly important. Having general knowledge about cleaning products is helpful. Usually some training or guidance is given, whether formal or informal. Showing up to work on time is also very important. Most people require their cleaning help to come on time since they too are on a schedule. Whatever cleaning job you decide to take, it is important to be trustworthy, decent and honest. Remember, all employers are letting you onto their property for a reason and they prefer workers whom they can trust!

What is the best way to find a Cleaning job? – Check out